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"One of the finest new jazz guitarists….Amalgamation is one of the finest albums of the year..."

Mark Gallo, Jazz Review

Mosick is a guitarist with outstanding ability, and a depth of understanding of the musical vocabulary."

Winthrop Bedford, Jazz Improv Magazine

"An excellent album, a fine trio, a first class guitarist."

Lee Underwood, former west coast editor, Downbeat Magazine 

"The sound is beautiful, the style clear and delightful. His execution is an example to all young guitarists......inventive and far reaching."

Ferdinand Maylin, Jazz Now Interactive 

"Dave Mosick, a fresh guitarist out of Washington D.C., makes great choices in the trio setting on his album Amalgamation........ Mosick picks his spots wisely, knowing when to stretch out, lay back, and reinforce the harmonic structure...... Mosick pays proper tribute to the past with crisp performances....... a portent of great things to come."

JOE LAZAR, All About Jazz

"Amalgamation is Dave’s First recording, but this is a debut that demonstrates a maturity and development well beyond the initial recordings of other young musicians."

Rusty Hassan , WPFW-FM “Jazz And More”

"Mosick understands the nuances of the jazz guitar and swings just right."

Frank Matheis, WKZE 98.1 FM NY/CT 

Amalgamation, the Dave Mosick Trio's first album, deserves thousands of encomiums for its clever reworking of classic jazz tunes, and for retaining a respectful knowledge and grasp of the traditions that informed and created them.

Jenn Sikes, Splendid

"Clear, clever, and concise…..a mixture that is sure to please jazz listeners across the board."

Joe Zupan, jazz programming director WICN-FM 

"Jazz guitarist Dave Mosick has beautiful tone, exquisite technique and a deft touch, all of which point to high quality musicianship. Though he is steeped in the tradition -- Herb Ellis and Charlie Byrd often come to mind – he is a modernist in the strictest sense. His compositions reflect the reverence in which he holds the traditional values of jazz while reflecting his inner-muse and fleet-fingered originality. While his takes on classics such as the opening "Softly, As In A Morning's Sunrise" and the re-invented "There Is No Greater Love" serve as a means of judging chops against familiar melodies, Mosick sidesteps simple convention by imbuing them with his own unique flavors. His take on "Corcovado" is delightfully shimmering and Jerome Kern's "Yesterdays" is rendered cleverly original.

Mosick's own compositions are spellbinding, both for the quick-witted phraseology as well as for the intricately constructed ideas. "Infinity" has a quick-tempo chase that paints a marvelous musical mosaic without coming close to a painted corner. This is Mosick's M.O. He is quick witted and intelligent throughout. Musical invention in motion.

Ideas cascade. "Simplicity" is a deceptive title that's appropriate to the equally deceptive lines that outline the piece. On the surface this appears to be a series of riffs in progressively changing keys, though closer listening reveals increasingly complex layers of playing by all involved. This is the standout in a program with no weak spots.

The supportive work from bassist Eric Harper and masterful drummer John Greeley cannot be overstated. Greeley's brush work on the delicate "Sharman" and Harper's solo on "Simplicity", for instance, are first rate.

Mosick is one of the finest new jazz guitarists to reach these jaded ears in a long while. While few players deserve mention in the same breath as the hallowed Tal Farlow, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis, etc., Mosick impresses as a player for the ages. He has the touch and the tone of a master. Given time and circumstance to age properly, he has more than mere potential to join the pantheon. For my money Amalgamation is one of the finest recordings of the year."

Mark Gallo, Jazz Review, September 2002

"With this debut recording guitarist Dave Mosick hits the nail on the head not once, but twice. Not only is the playing clear, clever and concise, but the title, "Amalgamation," also describes exactly what is delivered. Webster's defines the word as "the mixing or blending of different elements," and that's precisely what Mr. Mosick presents with this recording. His varied influences, from The Dead to Django to T-Bone, come together in a mixture that is sure to please jazz listeners across the board. Check it out!"

Joe Zupan, Jazz Director WICN-FM, September 2002

"Guitarist Dave Mosick's roots in mainstream jazz give him depth and scope, while his original melodic approach to his own bright new compositions gives him high standing in today's contemporary context. With Skill Grace and sensitivity, Mosick spans the emotional and conceptual spectrum from mellow, subtle and intimate to muscular, speedy and whimsical. Throughout Amalgamation he plays with elegant taste and quiet fire, accompanied by the superb offerings of bassist Eric Harper and drummer John Greeley. An excellent album, a fine trio, a first-class guitarist. Catch him on the rise."

Lee Underwood, former west coast editor Downbeat Magazine, August 2002

"The sound is beautiful, the style clear and delightful. His execution is an example to all young guitarists......comfortable and assured he seems with his instrument.......plus there's a sensitive demonstration from Eric Harper on bass and John Greeley on drums in the art of really supporting a soloist....inventive and far reaching"

Ferdinand Maylin, Jazz Now Interactive July 2002

"The Dave Mosick Trio's "amalgamation" is the type of surprise that makes my job so much fun. Here is a fine new ensemble from the DC area laying out an elegant debut with simple lines and sophisticated coloring. Mosick understands the nuances of the jazz guitar and swings just right, with gentle phrasing and quick-wit improvisational flair tasteful, understated, and, yet, with plenty of spark and vitality. The tradition continues without mere repetition. Here is one to keep an ear on."

Frank Matheis, WKZE 98.1 FM NY/CT, June 2002

"Amalgamation, the Dave Mosick Trio's first album, deserves thousands of encomiums for its clever reworking of classic jazz tunes, and for retaining a respectful knowledge and grasp of the traditions that informed and created them. Mosick won't get them from me, because I lack the necessary command of musical phraseology required to describe his work with the accuracy and praise that it deserves. Even a total art boob can look at Brancusi's "Bird in Space" and feel in her middle a vague, soaring sense of something just beyond her reach -- and while Mosick may not have reached a Brancusi level of genius yet, he makes music that can engender that same soaring feeling. Mosick (on guitar), Eric Harper on bass and John Greeley on drums layer their sound as skilfully as cathedral choirs. Mosick's original compositions, such as "Palak Paneer", include rhythmic complexities just as inventive as those of the classic tunes he reprises elsewhere on the disc ("Corcovodo"). It's just a matter of time until jazz artists in DC start covering him."

Jenn Sikes, Splendid

"Guitarist Dave Mosick, Supported by empathic bass and drums, wends his understated, chiming song lines and variations into unexpected eddies of thought and feeling."

Howard Mande, August 2002

Howard Mandel has been a leading Jazz journalist for over 20 years. He was associate editor of Downbeat  from 1978 to 1981 and has been involved as an editor, feature writer, and or columnist for Jazziz, Swing Journal, Guitar World, Guitar player, Ear, and Jazz life. In 1992 Howard was elected president of the Jazz Journalists association and in 1999 and published his critically acclaimed book "future Jazz" (Oxford University Press 1999)

"I especially enjoy Dave's use of sustained open strings as part of his melodic line..... Quirky and interesting arrangements....Nice, fat tone and a clean sound."

Paul Bollenback,  May 2002

Paul Bollenback is one of the most repected Jazz Guitarists on the scene today . When asked about Paul's music , George Benson says, " It's bona-fide playing, unambiguous, up-front and powerful"

Paul has appeared on the Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Joan Rivers, The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight. He has contributed some acoustic guitar work to America's Most Wanted and has played with an impressive spectrum of musicians, including Stanley Turrentine, James Moody, Gary Thomas, Joe D'Orio, Ira Sullivan, Jack McDuff, Herb Ellis, Carter Jefferson, Dave Valentin, Ron Holloway, David Newman, Charlie Byrd, Paul Bley, Scott Ambush of Spyro Gyra, Della Reese, Ethel Ennis, Joe Kennedy, Arturo Sandoval, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, In addition to his continued associations with Gary Bartz and Joey DeFrancesco.